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Why Study in Canada?

With one of the most extensive coastlines, world-class cities, cultural diversity, and eye-catching wilderness, Canada is a destination for thousands of international students.  When it comes to higher studies, most people have certain criteria. They need internationally recognized universities, a cost-effective study program, a safe destination with a welcoming and multicultural environment. And Canada meets all these prerequisites. People often choose to study in Canada due to various reasons.

So, we have gathered the list of plausible reasons that will help you to understand why people love to study in Canada.

1: Quality Education at Affordable Cost:

One of the best things about Canadian degrees, certificates, and diplomas is that they hold equal value as the degrees from the United States or any other Commonwealth country. There is a variety of programs offered by the Universities and institutes in Canada. So, you can choose from health, technology, arts, media, to any other course according to your interest. There are many specialized environmental programs that are only available in the region of Great White North. As compared to the education rivals, which are mainly the United States and the United Kingdom, the tuition fees and living cost in Canada is significantly lower.

Another thing to consider is that students will find it easy to acquire Canadian Visa as compared to U.S. or U.K. The Canadian educational system adopts a cross-disciplinary study program and focus on developing and enhancing transferable skills such as critical thinking, communications, teamwork, etc. Moreover, the use of cutting-edge technology and digital media is also encouraged. You will be delighted to know that Canada is ranked 4th for scientific research worldwide.

2: High-Tech Campus and Varied Options:

The choice of schools and campuses in Canada is very flexible. From major research institutions to small liberal arts schools & universities, there is a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees programs. There are over 100 universities, 200 colleges & renowned institutions, and specialized institutes as well.

Whether it is the Olympic-quality sports facility or public concert halls or art galleries, Canada has campuses that are suitable for learning and leisure. The high-tech campuses with all facilities provide incredible opportunities and valuable experience in various disciplines.

3: Safe Country with Student-Friendly Environment:

In case you don’t know this, Canada has the highest literacy rate in the world. Also, the prime cities of Canada, such as Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, etc. have been recognized as world-class cities to live, work, and study in Canada. These cities are top-rated for cleanliness, attractive lifestyle, and cultural activities.

A critical factor for international students to choose Canada for studies is safety and security. Parents are often concerned about their kid’s safety in a foreign country and wish that they don’t have to face issues like racial discrimination, a crime against women, theft, and burglary. Protection from such crimes plays an essential role while choosing the destination to study abroad. From this prospect, Canada is undoubtedly the safest place as it has a very low crime rate and racial or gender discrimination cases. According to the statistics, the Safety Index of Canada is (62.42), which is significantly higher than countries like the US (49.99), UK (57.9), and Australia (57.94).

4: Multicultural Environment:

Canada has an environment where people of all religions, races, and cultures can live in harmony. The residents of the country are amiable, and they welcome people with an open heart. Canada will give you an opportunity to study and learn about people from different backgrounds and ethnicity. A number of communities and associations are residing in the country. So, whether you are looking for ethnic food or traditional hangout places, you can easily find them. With the position of the world’s 7th largest student population measuring up to 265,000 international students, you can have an idea of the level of education.

5: Scholarships & Job Opportunities:

From taking admission to the college or university of your choice to taking up job offers, you will get many breaks of seizing the right opportunity. For every university and college, there are specific Scholarship programs that levy the tuition fees of commendable students or the ones who need them.

Moreover, Canada is one of the few nations where you can acquire a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). This permit allows a person to stay in Canada and work full time up to 3 years after course completion. And you don’t even need to get a job offer in hand to apply for this permit. Studying in Canada can be a life-changing phase for you. Along with building a network of friends and professional connections, you acquire various skills that help you personally and professionally.

6: Permanent Residency Options:

Unlike the United States, Canada is still welcoming people to visit and reside in the country. Whilst you study in Canada, it is most likely that you will fall in love with the place and people. And if you want to live forever in Canada after studying, then you can consider the immigration permits. Once you have a job with the help of Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP), you will have ample opportunities to find and secure a job. You just have to meet the minimum qualifications, and if you qualify for the residency status, you can apply for a permanent resident Canada visa. If approved, then Canada will become your permanent home giving you a better lifestyle, facilities, and high salary jobs.

To conclude, Canada turned out to be an international leader in the field of computer science and information technology over the decades. From telecommunications, advanced software, biotechnology, animations, transportation & engineering, aerospace, microelectronics, nuclear power, medical devices, to any other field, people all over the world choose to study in Canada.

As a bilingual, welcoming, and safe place, we can assure you that you won’t feel disappointed joining any program in the country. Come to the Great White North and expand your horizon for a better and brighter future.

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