Study Permit Renewal

If you want to continue studying after your study permit expires, you need to extend your study permit. If you apply before your permit expires, you can continue to study under the same conditions as your current study permit until the IRCC decides. IRCC issues a study permit giving you 90 days extra from the scheduled end of your studies. This gives you time to decide whether to leave Canada or extend your stay.
Study permit renewal – may be a requirement, not an option.
If you plan to apply for a PGWP, you must maintain your status as a student in Canada, which includes renewing your study permit when necessary. If you are a student and you need to travel outside of Canada and return, you can apply for a TRV from inside Canada only if you have a valid study permit.

Why do I need to renew my study permit?

Working while studyingA valid study permit is required for you to continue working under student conditions if your initial study permit is shorter than the duration of your studies in Canada.
Legal status in CanadaYour study permit is your legal document that allows you to stay and study in Canada. If it expires, you lose your legal status and must leave Canada.
Continuation of studiesIf your study program is longer than the duration of your initial study permit, you will need to renew. Otherwise, your DLI may not allow you to continue your studies.

When does my study permit expire?

The expiry date of your study permit is indicated on your study permit. It’s typically the length of your study program, plus an extra 90 days. This extra time allows you to prepare to leave Canada or apply to extend your stay. If you’re unsure, check your study permit now.

If you are finishing your studies sooner than expected

In this case, your study permit expires 90 days after you complete your studies, regardless of the expiry date mentioned in your current study permit document.
When do the 90 days begin?
Your 90 days begin when the first of the following two happen:
  • when you get your degree, diploma or certificate.
  • you get a notification from the college (such as email, letter, transcript, etc.) that you completed your program; or
If you can’t prove the date, then IRCC may use the earliest date mentioned in the issued document. IRCC may also reach out to your DLI to verify this date.

If you finish your studies later than expected

You must apply for a study permit renewal.

When should I renew my study permit?

IRCC urges that you must apply for your study permit renewal at least 30 days before the original expiry date. If you are later than the 30 day time, you can still apply before the expiry date on your current study permit.

Did your study permit expire already? Your must restore your study permit. A renewal application maybe refused.

Study Permit Restoration

You lose your student status in Canada if any of the following applies to you:
  • Your study permit expired before you applied for a new one.
  • You changed the conditions on your study permit, such as your DLI, type of study, location of study, and time period of study.
  • You didn’t respect the conditions of your study permit.
Once you lose your status, you can’t study in Canada until the IRCC has restored your status as a student.

Once your study permit is expired, you have 90 days to restore your status. You cannot continue to study or work until your restoration application is approved.

Our Service Fees For Study Permit Renewals and Restorations

Did you know? Returning clients with previous professional services from YCI could save up to $200 on our professional plans. This does not apply to the Basic plan or consultations.

Below fee table is for the applicant only and does not include applicable government fees and taxes. If you are applying with dependent family members, please add $500 for spouse and $100 for each dependent child.


Reliable support of DIY clients.
  • Document checklists and samples
  • Answer your immigration questions
  • File review and improvement suggestions



Submit the best first application.
  • Document checklists and samples
  • Letter of explanation improvements
  • Comprehensive file review
  • Represented submission


Address past refusals from Canada.
  • Everything from Professional plan
  • Address past refusals
  • Includes restoration of status
  • JR suitability review
*The 'Basic' plan includes a 45 minutes consultation. In most cases, this is sufficient to address questions and review documents from clients who has drafted the application on their own. Additional time is available at $50 per 15 minutes or a portion of.
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