Visitor Record

A visitor record is an official document issued to individuals who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents and are granted temporary entry into Canada as visitors. It serves as proof of legal status and outlines the conditions and duration of their stay. The visitor record is typically issued by a Canadian immigration officer inside Canada or at the port of entry or by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).
Typically, visitors in Canada are allowed to stay in Canada for up to 180 days. In cases where the visitor needs longer duration, they can apply for a visitor record.
Example includes:
– young children accompanying their parents
– visitors in Canada who want to stay longer than the initial 180 days
– temporary residents in Canada restoring their status as a visitor

Working While on Visitor Record

Unless authorized, foreign nationals cannot work in Canada. In most cases, the visitor record holders cannot work in Canada. However, there are some exceptions, such as researchers visiting Canadian institutions for short period for their research.

If you are outside of Canada and require work authorization as a visitor researcher

If you are inside Canada, please proceed with our renewal service ‘Professional or Professional + plan, below.

Visitor Status Restoration

If your status in Canada has expired your may need to restore your status. You have 90 days to restore your status or leave Canada. Any previous temporary status: student, visitor, and worker could be restored to visitor status if needed.

Our Fee For Visitor Record and Restoration

Did you know? Returning clients with previous professional services from YCI could save up to $200 on our professional plans. This does not apply to the Basic plan or consultations.

Below fee table is for the applicant only and does not include applicable government fees and taxes. If you are applying with dependent family members, please add $500 for spouse and $100 for each dependent child.


Reliable support of DIY clients.
  • Document checklists and samples
  • Answer your immigration questions
  • File review and improvement suggestions



Submit the best first application.
  • Document checklists and samples
  • Letter of explanation improvements
  • Comprehensive file review
  • Represented submission


Address past refusals from Canada.
  • Everything from Professional plan
  • Address past refusals
  • Includes restoration of status
  • JR suitability review
*The 'Basic' plan includes a 45 minutes consultation. In most cases, this is sufficient to address questions and review documents from clients who has drafted the application on their own. Additional time is available at $50 per 15 minutes or a portion of.
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