Canadian Citizenship

Getting a Canadian citizenship is a dream for many who come to Canada to call it home. Further, It a huge milestone reflecting years of hard work and patience. Hold the flag high and sing “O Canada!”
Right to vote and have a say in Canada’s future direction. Citizens qualify for high security jobs with federal and provincial public services
No more immigration concerns for the future. Canada is among top 10 countries for Human Freedom Index
Canada allows dual citizenships. If your home country allows dual citizenship too then you may enjoy benefits of holding two or more nationalities.
Canadian citizens have visa-free or visa on arrival access to 185 countries and territories saving time on travel planning.
Passport Index gives 5th rank to the Canadian passport. Canadian citizenship is a huge milestone for the newcomers. In other words, people should consider applying for a citizenship as soon as they are eligible. Applying for a Canadian citizenship is relatively easy and less expensive compared to the permanent resident visa application. In return, you get voting rights and preference in opportunities over the foreign nationals in Canada.
Applying for the citizenship is optional. Benefits depends on person to person and nationality. If you want to call Canada your permanent home then it is a high priority milestone that you shouldn’t miss.

Eligibility Requirements

Permanent resident status in Canada or eligible based on parents citizenship
Physically present in Canada for at least 1095 days during 5 years before applying
File income tax (if not exempt) for 3 years during last 5 years before application
Must pass citizenship test (age 18 to 54 years)
Must have CLB 4+ in English or French
Must not be inadmissible

YCI Fee Structure

Below fee table is for the applicant only. If you are applying with dependent family members, please add $500 for spouse and $100 for each dependent child.

Comprehensive Eligibility Review
Professional representation with submission letter
RCIC consultation over phone or Teams