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Why study in Canada?

Canada’s reputation as a safe country and the quality of Canadian education system attract international students in Canada. Canada is known for its quality and standard of education. Canadian culture is open and welcoming. There were almost 600,000 international students in Canada in 2018 (CBIE). Further, 60% of international students had planned to apply for a permanent resident visa. From 2010 to 2018, the international students increased by 154% and still growing.
Multicultural Environment

Canada welcomes students from all around the world. It provides an opportunity to experience a multicultural environment, interact with people from various backgrounds, and develop a global perspective.

Quality Education

Canada is renowned for its high-quality education and research opportunities. It has world-class universities and colleges offering a wide range of programs and degrees. Canadian degrees are recognized globally and hold high value in the job market.

Quality of Life

Canada consistently ranks among the top countries for quality of life. It offers a safe and peaceful environment, an excellent healthcare system, beautiful natural landscapes, and vibrant cities, ensuring a high standard of living for students.

Work and Immigration

Students can work part-time on or off-campus, gaining valuable work experience and supplementing their finances. After graduation, there are options for post-study work permits and pathways for permanent residency.

Initial Study Permit

An initial study permit is your first study permit. You typically apply for the initial study permit from outside of Canada. The study permit specifies the duration and conditions of the study, such as the educational institution, program of study, and whether you can work while studying.

SDS vs non-SDS Applications

SDS stream requires fewer documents and the requirements are more streamlined. IELTS and GIC are mandatory documents. Medical are required based on your country of residence.
Student Direct Stream (SDS)
Better approval rates
Faster processing times
Streamlined financial documents
Non Student Direct Stream (non SDS)
Generally lower approval rates than SDS
IRCC takes longer to process non-SDS applications
More scrutiny on financial documents

SDS Eligibility

  • must be a legal resident of one of the following countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Brazil, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Senegal, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, and Vietnam.
  • have an acceptance letter from a post-secondary designated learning institution
  • live outside of Canada when you apply
  • have proof you have paid your tuition for your first year of study
  • GIC for $20,635 for the applicant, more on financial requirements
  • upfront medical exam, check if you need one
  • police certificate (if listed on country specific instructions)
  • most recent secondary and post-secondary education transcripts and certificates
  • qualifying language exam

Our DLI List

Below is the list of colleges and universities (DLIs) where we can help you in submitting your applications.
Please note: not all DLIs offer all their programs through recruitment partners, example includes master’s degree program at some major universities.

Our Service Fees For Initial Study Permit

We offer the most flexible service model that can be adjusted to your needs. We take pride in offer competitive pricing. We periodically review current fee trends and adjust our fees to offer the best value for our clients. Our fee starts from $0 for our education plan.

Education Plan

Our education plan is free for eligible students who are looking for admission support and can do the study permit filing work themself.

Our Education Plan is much better all the low service fee offers by unlicensed consultants including several big name chains in India. You will get superior level of service with on-demand access to our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) at a discounted fee.

Education Plan Eligibility Requirements
DLI admission through YCI only in a program
Pursuing higher level of education in a relevant field
Unconditional Letter of Acceptance (LOA)
No education gap of more than 5 years
Applying under SDS program without dependents
No past refusals from Canada

Professional Plans

Our licensed RCIC will prepare the application and submit through authorized representative portal. We will monitor all IRCC updates and respond to any IRCC requests at no additional cost throughout the duration of processing. All fees are in Canadian dollars (CAD). IRCC fee is not included.

Below fee table is for the applicant only. If you are applying with dependent family members, please add $500 for spouse and $100 for each dependent child.