Major Update for Students Applying for Fall 2020 Intake in Canada

Calgary, Alberta July 14, 2020 Fall 2020 Intake in Canada Processing Update The COVID pandemic has adversely impacted all Canada immigration applications. Canada had to close several processing offices and had to significantly reduce the working staff in others. Unfortunately, the processing time skyrocketed. Several complete study permit applications submitted in February and March of this year are yet to receive a final decision. Canada is one of the top destinations for international students seeking quality education. International students make a huge contribution to Canadian culture, society and generate over $21 billion dollars in economic activity per year. A vast majority of [...]

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Why Study in Canada?

With one of the most extensive coastlines, world-class cities, cultural diversity, and eye-catching wilderness, Canada is a destination for thousands of international students.  When it comes to higher studies, most people have certain criteria. They need internationally recognized universities, a cost-effective study program, a safe destination with a welcoming and multicultural environment. And Canada meets all these prerequisites. People often choose to study in Canada due to various reasons. So, we have gathered the list of plausible reasons that will help you to understand why people love to study in Canada. 1: Quality Education at Affordable Cost: One of the best things [...]

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The first steps before Canadian study permit

The first steps before Canadian study permit Many of us had a Canada visa and study in Canada in mind one time or the other. With changes in the study permit rules, it could be hard to keep up with sometimes. While planning for a Canadian study permit the very first thing that comes in mind is proving English proficiency. Different countries have different requirements and accept different language proficiency exams such as IELTS, TOFEL, PTE, etc. Nationals of some countries may not need to go through a language proficiency exam. What language exam I should choose? The choice of the language exam is completely [...]

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Canada Visa Application: Misrepresentation is a Big Deal

Based on facts: Jane (not real name) was stressed after she received a procedural fairness letter from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on her recent application for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to Canada. She already has a Canadian work permit and has been living in Canada for the last 5 years. Her TRV status expired and she came to India to visit family hoping to renew her TRV from India. Next, she had submitted her TRV application 2 weeks ago. Further, she was contacted by IRCC indicating 1 answer in her application form did not match with the [...]

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Important Steps After Canadian Study Permit Approval

Congratulations!!!! You have completed the first part of your journey of Canadian dream but it’s not over yet. When you get Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) along with approval letter for your study permit, that is not your final study permit. You have been authorized to enter in Canada as a student. However, the study permit will be issued at the port of entry (POE) when you enter in Canada. There is a lot that can happen in between now and at the time of entry. You will have to be very careful on the steps you take on next. Last point [...]

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5 Mistakes to avoid on a Canadian Study Permit application

Canada is the top study abroad destination for international students due to the high reputation of Canadian education and growth opportunities within Canada. Many of the readers are either planning to study in Canada or know someone who is planning to study in Canada. This post is aimed to help the readers to avoid some of the costliest mistakes on their Canadian study permit application. Study Program: The primary objective is to study in Canada and no doubt the choice of the program is very important for your Canadian study permit application. Imagine someone who has background in arts and [...]

5 Mistakes to avoid on a Canadian Study Permit application2022-05-02T14:38:27-06:00
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