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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the terms of Consultation Agreement?

    1. The Client is obligated to pay a fee of $150 in advance for this consultation for up to 60 minutes. If the Client retains the RCIC within one (1) week of this initial consultation by signing a Service Agreement AND pays at least half the RCIC’s professional services fee, the initial consultation fee will be credited towards the total firm fee. Therefore, the initial consultation will be free. 

    2. The RCIC is a member in good standing of The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (the "College"), the regulator in Canada for immigration consultants, formerly ICCRC, and as such, is bound by its Bylaw, Code of Professional Ethics, and Regulations. 

    3. The purpose of the consultation is to provide the RCIC with sufficient information to allow for a better analysis and comprehensive advice on immigration options, including estimated time frames, legal fees and costs. This does not establish an RCIC Client relationship. 

    4. The Client will provide information and details correct to the best of their knowledge during and after this consultation. RCIC will not be held liable for any wrong or missing information by the Client that may impact any future application and consultation outcome. 

    5. This Agreement does not obligate the RCIC to act for the Client in any application or proceedings. Should the Client require further advice or representation from the RCIC following this initial consultation, the Client must sign a separate service agreement with RCIC. 

    6. The RCIC shall provide this consultation in person or by phone, or by video conferencing (Teams/Zoom). The Client agrees to use email as the preferred mode of communication. 

    7. The paid fees are non-refundable after the consultation is rendered. The paid fee minus a $25 administrative fee can be refunded on the Client’s request received up to four (4) hours before the consultation starts. The RCIC will accommodate one reschedule at no cost and subsequent rescheduling will be with a $25 administrative fee. There will be no refunds if the Client failed to join within 15 minute if the consultation start time. 

    8. The RCIC is not responsible or accountable for any change in government legislation or policy that may impact the processing of any subsequent application by the Client. 

    9. If the RCIC was unable to answer a question during the consultation, the RCIC will take the unanswered question/s offline and respond via email within seven business days (in case more research is required on the topic). This does not constitute a ground for a refund. 

    10. The RCIC may share case details and personal information with other professionals for the purpose of delivering services, exploring viable options and improving the service. 

    11. The Client shall not record the consultation without prior approval from the RCIC. The Client may take written notes during the consultation, and the RCIC will allow and facilitate note-taking, if applicable. However, no meeting minutes or notes will be shared by the RCIC. RCIC may share the next steps and action items from the meetings at the RCIC’s sole discretion. The RCIC may record the session for documentation.

  • What if my consultant couldn’t answer any of my immigration questions?

    For any reason, if your consultant couldn't answer any of your questions, they will note down your questions and respond later (within 7 days) in case they need to do more research, review IRCC manuals to confirm anything or connect with other colleagues.

  • What if I have more questions after the consultation?

    If you have additional questions within seven (7) days of the consultation, simply put all your questions in one email and send to us at [email protected], we will ensure we answer all your questions. For questions after seven (7) days, please consider a follow-up consult or follow-up questions

  • Do I really need a consultation?

    You may want to consider consultation first when you are applying from outside of Canada, have past refusals or other complexities in your profile and documents. We leave this to our clients to decide if they want a consultation or directly come on board. We strongly recommend consultation first in Family Class applications such as spouse / common-law / conjugal partner sponsorships.

  • What is your reschedule, cancellation and the refund policy?

    Reschedule: First reschedule at no cost with a 4 hour notice. For subsequent reschedules, a $25 admin fee will apply. 

    Cancellation: $25 admin fee with a 4 hour notice. No show: If you don't join the scheduled meeting within 5 minutes, we will send you an email reminder. If failed to join within 15 minutes, our RCIC will close and leave the virtual meeting room, marking your appointment as no show. Unfortunately, there are no refunds for no show. 

    Refunds: Where applicable, the refunds minus the admin fee will be processed within 7 business days and will be credited back to the original methods of payment.

  • How can I pay the consultation fees?

    You can pay the consultation fee via credit or debit card during the booking process. If you are in Canada, you can by Interac e-Transfer to [email protected], we can accommodate other payment methods on a case-by-case basis.

  • What are the consultation fees?

    Our standard consultation fee is $150. For Follow-up Consults (15 min), our fee is $49. For complex cases, you can choose to have two RCICs on the table with our 'Consultation Plus', with a fee of $250.

  • Do you charge in USD or CAD? Can I pay in another currency?

    We don't play USD tricks. We bill in Canadian Dollars as our base currency. We can accommodate payments in other currencies on a case-by-case basis. We don't accept cryptocurrencies.

  • How can I schedule a consultation?

    Please visit, select th e RCIC you want to consult with and book your consultation based on your preferred time and availability.

  • Who would I speak with during a consultation?

    We have two Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) on panel and you will be speaking with an RCIC. It's your choice who you want to book your consultation with. Narender Singh (R532171) and Sumit Choudhary (R533915). To check availabilities, visit 

  • What is included in the Immigration Consultation?

    Immigration consultation is generally includes an overall understanding of client’s profile and immigration needs to explore feasibility and identify the best possible route for Canada immigration. We answer all immigration questions and can also skim through any applicable documents during the meeting. In case of past refusals, we explore potential shortcomings and refusal reasons, and discuss improvement strategies for next application.

  • What are the next steps after consultation meeting?

    If you have further questions after the consultation, we invite you to compile all your follow up questions in one email and send to us at [email protected] within 7 d ays. You can also get your full consultation fee credited towards our service fee when you retain our services within 7 days of consultation.

  • I have scheduled a consultation with an RCIC, how would I meet them?

    Most consultations are virtual meetings through our secure Microsoft Teams platform. This allows us to accommodate clients and family members across different time zones. If you need, we can consider other options including Zoom, Google Meet etc.