Immigration Consultation2022-06-07T14:07:30-06:00

Project Description

Consultation Methods2022-04-28T15:35:38-06:00

Most consultations are virtual meetings through our secure Microsoft Teams platform. This allows us to accommodate clients and family members across different time zones. If you need, we can consider other options including Zoom, Google Meet etc.

Next Steps After Consultation2022-04-28T16:15:20-06:00

If you have further questions after the consultation, we invite you to compile all your follow up questions in one email and send to us at within 7 days. You can also get your full consultation fee credited towards our service fee when you retain our services within 7 days of consultation.

What is included in the Immigration Consultation?2022-05-03T21:17:58-06:00

Immigration consultation is generally includes an overall understanding of client’s profile and immigration needs to explore feasibility and identify the best possible route for Canada immigration. We answer all immigration questions and can also skim through any applicable documents during the meeting. In case of past refusals, we explore potential shortcomings and refusal reasons, and discuss improvement strategies for next application.

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