We offer personalized advice and strategies to maximize your chances of a successful immigration application
YCI is a leading Canadian immigration solutions provider. Our services include visitor visa, permanent resident visa, study permit, family sponsorship, and more!

Why YCI for Your Study Permit Application?

At YCI, we will help you in getting your application documented properly, giving you a stronger foundation for future immigration applications including extensions, work permits, PR and citizenship
YCI takes your privacy and information very seriously and will not use your identifiable details for marketing and promotions (we do not post your visa photo on social media)
No hidden fees; all terms, conditions, payments and service details in the study permit pricing will be clearly outlined in the retainer agreement before you pay
All immigration services, including application submissions, are provided by members of The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC), formerly ICCRC, authorized by Canadian immigration law
All fees are in Canadian Dollars (No USD billing) and YCI follows the Bank of Canada exchange rates for currency conversions, where applicable